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•  Mention of the sad passing of Oster Bayne on his page in OIL CAMPS HISTORY - OSTER BAYNE.
•  Mention of the sad passing of Doug Becker on his page in OIL CAMPS HISTORY - DOUG BECKER.


•  New GUESTBOOK installed due to closing down of previous GUESTBOOK-hosting website; the LINKS menu entry, located at the same site, is still down and unfortunately, the links have been lost;


•  New "CREOLE EN ACCIÓN" Flipbook added courtesy of Doug Becker;
•  New photo of Doug Becker & myself during Doug's visit to Fort Wayne in September, 2009 in the “OIL CAMP HISTORY - DOUG BECKER” Section;
•  Tom Dickey updated his page with a detailed account written by his father about their “1960 Trip To Canaima” in the “OIL CAMP HISTORY - TOM DICKEY” Section;
•  Final painting ('Randales del Caroní' - N° 12 of 12) of Bob Wygant's paintings of Venezuela added to “OIL CAMP HISTORY - S. SLEIGHTHOLM” Section; image courtesy of Houston Floyd through Steve.
•  Four new photographs added to the “HISTORIC CITY PHOTOS” Section;
•  New sub-menu tab entitled “MCBO. BRIDGE BOOKLET” added to “FLIPBOOKS” Section which accesses a 117 page coffee-table book entitled “The Bridge Spanning Lake Maracaibo In Venezuela”;
•  New entry added to the “OBITUARIES” Section;
•  Pan American Union booklet on Maracaibo moved from “OTHER MCBO. HISTORY” Section to “FLIPBOOKS” Section;
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