Vintage Group Photos

Following are class and group photos contributed by readers for inclusion on this website. Seeing these photos again after so many years brings back many fond memories for those in the photos.

Please take a moment to scan your class photo and send it in to me for inclusion on this page.


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1st Grade, 1951-1952 Class Year

1. Doug Becker; 2. J.W. Faulkner; 3. Tracy Steiner; 4. Marta Reese; 5. Henry Bayne; 6. Frank Schleicher; 7. Max Muller; 8) ??; 9. Butch Nixon; 10. Bob Dennis; 11. Susan Mayberry; 12. Dalys Doyle; 13. Sylvia Short; 14. Freddie Wensleman; 15. Marili Zittlosen; 16. Beatriz Rincón; 17. Kenny Edwards; 18. Mary Evelyn Petty.


2nd Grade, 1951-1952 Class Year

Teacher: Miss Helen Sims

1. Max Muller; 2. Doug Becker; 3. J. W. Faulkner; 4. Tracy Steiner; 5. Audrey Wynne; 6. Robbie Owens (?); 7. Jennifer Gilette; 8. Marta Reese; 9. Sylvia Short (?); 10. Susan Mayberry (?).


8th Grade, 1957-1958 Class Year

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Heavenly Choir from the 1952 school play, "Littlest Angel"

Front Row, L to R: Bobby Taylor, David Echols, Irene Belloso, Henry Bayne (Littlest Angel) , Betsy Mortlock, Helen Rothaug, Carmen Sanchez.

Second Row: Ken Babel, unknown boy, Sulamita Levine, Mike McCabe, Barbara Reese, Lyle.

Third Row: Oster Bayne, Paul Wilson, Sabeth Ramirez, Mary Kilimnois, David Carpenter, Bob Stout, Clemmy Abbo.

Another view of the play showing the Nativity with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the Manger, with the choir in the background.