In my line of work, I often come upon interesting items - graphics, photos, FLASH shorts, small items, shorts, or odds & ends I've worked on, etc. Although they don't necessarily pertain strictly to the subject matter of this website, I decided to add a page here where I could share a few of these bits of fun & whimsy when the urge strikes.

If you have something you'd like to see posted here, let me know.

In many cases, Macromedia FLASH is required to view them, so I'll mark those with a FLASH download link button. It's a great and important browser plug-in, so you don't want to miss it if you don't already have it. Remember that FLASH items are more bandwidth-intensive than most regular graphic items, so a high-speed connection is preferable to a dialup connection. But a dialup connection is still useable if one is patient.


Remember how popular James Bond was in the '60's? Forty years later, 007 is still going pretty strong - long enough to where the series has now gone through three actors in the starring roll & is looking for its fourth.

A James Bond INTRO page for this website would've been a lot of fun, albeit not very relevant to its content. So here's my take on one, sized to fit this frame.

I wasn't able to find the graphics to allow me to incorporate the original James Bond - Sean Connery - instead of Pierce Brosnan, but that's OK since I'm not using it as an INTRO page anyway. At the end of it, clicking on the map image brings you back to this page.




How many of you recall the '60's group The Romantics? Probably not too many. I believe they may have been one of those “1-Hit Wonder” groups.

But I'll bet you'll remember their '60's hit “What I Like About You” as soon as you hear it. Here's an interesting take on it complete with a genuine “go-go dancer” - just like in the '60's!





Just a bit of whimsy.....

I found this hanging beer sign in San Carlos de Bariloche in the Patagonian region of southwest Argentina late last year (another trip back in time for me because my parents were transferred to Argentina after we left Maracaibo in 1968). I took a photo of it because, considering all the many iguanas we used to see in Maracaibo, I remember thinking at the time that it would have been much more appropriate to have found this sign in hot, tropical Maracaibo rather than in cool, mountainous Bariloche where winter brings snow and which is surrounded by high, snow-capped mountains all year round.

It would make a great, and appropriate, logo for something produced in Maracaibo.