.Ayer, Hoy, y Siempre - Celebrando Tres Etapas
de Evolución y Desarollo"
("Over 70 Years of History: Yesterday, Today and Forever - Celebrating
Three Stages of Evolution & Development")


For the last few years, I'd heard rumors of the existence of a book about the LAGO MARACAIBO CLUB (formerly the CREOLE CLUB) that detailed the history of the club from its humble beginnings in 1929 to the present. I'd even seen a few photos from it. I was always curious and extremely interested about this elusive publication. But I had always been unsuccessful in finding it or in trying to obtain or even borrow a copy.

So one can imagine my surprise when I recently opened my mailbox and found this wonderful historical treasure waiting for me inside! It was very generously sent to me all the way from Madrid by Marcos & Elizabeth Salom. Marcos was Chairman of the Board of the club from 1999 to 2001. Indeed, it was under his vision, guidance and leadership that this book was originally published in October of 2000. But he modestly credits his wife Elizabeth and Eugénio García, the club Social Secretary, who both edited the book, as being the real "stars" of the publication. And now, because of his thoughtful contribution, it's possible for those of us who were former dedicated club members to share it here together.

Marcos & Elizabeth Salom