This page also comes to us courtesy of Marcos & Elizabeth Salom.

The first section shows the outside of the club entrance in compressed video formats taken in the late 1990's, while the second section shows photos of the annual club Carnaval celebrations, showing how they've evolved into wonderfully extravagant celebrations of the holiday. Hopefully this tradition still continues despite the current political crisis in Venezuela today.

This is a short 20-second video clip, shot by Marcos, taken immediately in front of the front entrance of the Lago Maracaibo Club, facing opposite the club entrance, showing a short left-to-right video pan of the street. Taken in 1993, it's interesting in that it shows the build-up of buildings and homes that now face the club entrance where once only a large palm-filled field in front of the old CREOLE Bachelor's Quarters stood.


MPEG format, 5.8 Mb, for high-speed Internet connections. This offers the largest view, but it comes at the expense of a larger download.

AVI format, 5.5 Mb, also for high-speed Internet connections. The DivX compression codec was used for higher video resolution.

WINDOWS MWV format, 251Kb, for slower dial-up Internet connections. A considerably smaller view, but much quicker download.


This is a rough panorama in still format showing the same scene as the video clip.



By 1992, the Lago Maracaibo Club and its membership had evolved socially far beyond what it had known it its earlier years. These photos were taken during the 2001 & 1992 Carnaval Parties. "Extravaganzas" might be a better description for these events because, by then, they had become so spectacular that they were covered by local TV. Marcos advises that the adult parties brought literally thousands of people to the club and were so large that tables had to be set up in the tennis courts.

The photos of the 2001 party below show how elaborate some of the costumes were during this event.

Elizabeth Salom's last Carnaval party costume.


The 1992 children's party, which came the day before the adult party, was a fabulous show for the kids, as the following photos show. Taken from a compressed MPEG2 video, the photos aren't as clear & sharp as the photos above, but they're good enough to show how elaborate it also was, providing, I'm sure, hours of exciting fun for the children!
(This is the stage area immediately in front of the "Big Screen")
(This is the stage area immediately in front of the "Big Screen")