This page, linked to the Lago Maracaibo Club's first website, comes to us courtesy of Marcos & Elizabeth Salom, Maracuchos now living in Madrid.

Marcos & Elizabeth Salom

Marcos was Chairman of the Board of the Lago Maracaibo Club from 1999 to 2001. We're all extremely grateful to him for providing this material to us so that we can share it here. This is not to mention all the hard work, under his leadership, that was put into improving, maintaining, and carrying on the history and tradition of the club that all of us remember so fondly.


This is the original "First Website" of the Lago Maracaibo (CREOLE) Club as it appeared on the Internet in the late 1990's. This original site is, of course, now inactive. Some of the pages are incomplete & the domain name under which these pages appeared is no longer registered. Since this website marked the first introduction of the club to the Internet, I believe it's important that the strong efforts and hard labor of the club management at that time be preserved here, and we're fortunate to have the opportunity of being able to see it here as it existed when it was first released.

A graphic calendar for the month of December is visible, but I don't know exactly what year it was. Remarkably enough, under the "This Month" ("Este Mes") menu tab, December 5th has a listing for the "Inauguration of the Website" - presumably, this one. It's introductory page ("Es hora de celebrar...") expresses the excitement that the website represented and the expectations that club management had for its success. It's interesting in that it shows how the club was interacting with its membership during those years. Some of the links are incomplete or are "Under Construction", but it shows how the club was growing and adapting to the use of the Internet to communicate with and to inform its membership. So, in that sense, it's extremely interesting from a historical perspective.

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