This page comes to us courtesy of Gustavo Vargas, who originally worked under the auspices of the Junta Directiva administration of Marcos Salom, and was the developer of the club's first & second websites. His current title is Editor de Contenidos Web in the Dirección de Sistemas of the Universidad Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin.


This is the original 2002 “Second Phase Website” of the Lago Maracaibo (CREOLE) Club as a progression from the “First Phase Website” shown previously. This site, which appeared under a different domain name, is also now inactive. As with the “First Phase Website”, some of the pages are incomplete as it was in a 'static phase' of development & the domain name under which these pages appeared is also no longer registered.

Gustavo reports that, under the leadership and planning of Marcos Salom and his former Junta Directiva administration leadership, the club website was originally envisioned to progress on the Internet through three distinct phases. The first phase, first posted on the Internet under the Marcos Salom administration, is posted on this site. The second phase, following the original vision and continued under the subsequent Junta Directiva, is viewable through the link on this page.

The third & final phase, which is as yet not designed and is not being considered for development at this time under the current Junta Directiva, is to incorporate database linking, which would allow club members to access their individual club accounts. This would authorize them, through secure database access, to check on their dues payment status, incurred club expenses, etc. So it would be a truly interactive site which would allow members to not only access club activities and upcoming events, but would also allow them to to access and manipulate their own individual accounts.

Considering the present unstable political situation in Venezuela, it's perhaps not surprising that the program hasn't progressed to its final stage. It's unknown when the website re-design will progress to its third phase, but it will probably take time and take place under a new and progressive future Junta Directiva when the determination is made that the time is right.

We're extremely fortunate to have these two existing phases of the club website exclusively viewable here through the generous donations of both Marcos Salom & Gustavo Vargas as it allows us to see the original vision, the approach, the process, and the historical progression through which the club has approached its entry onto the Internet. Gustavo Vargas is still working hard to this day on this program, doing whatever he can, with strong dedication to the original vision, to see that the website reaches its final stage of completion and finally comes alive again on the Internet as originally envisioned.

To see the LMC website pages of the second phase, click on this button: