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Scrolling WINDOWS Screensaver - Rio From Corcovado, November 2004
Well, the initial rush to download the raw screensaver file as a “freebie” has pretty much run its course now as determined by the number of hits this page has experienced. It has slowed down to a bare trickle now, with the vast bulk of the interest for it appearing during the first two weeks of my original forum posting in which this download page had a total of 473 hits.

So I've pulled the file and have made additional improvements to it. The screensaver now includes a regular installation function, like any standard software program, for simple automatic installation (instead of having to download the raw "scr' file, copy the file to a specific folder depending upon one's individual operating system, then selecting it for it to function). It's now available on an autostarting CD, which makes installation a breeze.

To help defray some of the costs of the CD, the five software programs I've used to produce it, and the cost of postage, I'm offering this CD to anyone still interested in it for a nominal charge of $5.00. This sum can be paid through PayPal using any credit card of your choice by clicking on the “BUY NOW” button below, or by Money Order. If you decide to use a Money Order, be sure to include your mailing address. Money Orders should be sent to:

Charles Clausen
6308 Spy Glass Run
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Once payment is received, the CD will be sent to you by U.S. mail within 24 hours.

The license is officially valid for the installation of the screensaver on two (2) computers. Having said that, to be perfectly honest with you, there's nothing in the software stopping one from installing it on multiple computers as I did not include (as I could have) the option of a required registration number on this installation CD. So it's a pretty good deal! Install it on as many of your personal computers as you like. But I am asking that you please refrain from copying this CD and sending it on to all your Carioca friends. Instead, I ask that you please refer your friends to this website as the low price and this frank, open admission to my EARJ alumni colleagues is certainly a fair one.

I'd have to sell a ton of these screensavers to even break even, and I realize that's not going to happen, nor was it ever my intention - which is why I offered it for free for so long - as it was more a labor of “saudade”. But it would be nice to be able to put whatever I can towards a new piece of software.

I thank everyone for their interest in this screensaver, and hope that everyone has enjoyed experiencing the beauty of the “Cidade Maravilhosa” once again.


HOW IT WAS MADE: This image was produced from six horizontally-consecutive, slightly overlapping, high-resolution digital photographs. These six images were then "stitched" together with graphic stitching software to create one seamless panoramic view. This single image was then converted with software into a slowly-panning FLASH movie file (a process called photokenesis), which is seen above. It was then converted into a WINDOWS screensaver with yet a third program. Lastly, two more programs were used on it - one to create an executable installation file so that it installs into the proper folders automatically, and the last to allow the CD to autostart the installation process automatically once the CD is placed into a computer CD tray.
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