Berwyn, Pennsylvania
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This is a panorama view of my father's house of stitched photos that I took during the summer of 2008. My SUV can be seen on the far right. I was born within 30 miles of this home, and went home to a house about 20 miles away. I eventually lived in a home about 5 miles away from this house before my father was transferred to Guatemala in 1958 when I was 8. So this home is close to my birthplace in Pennsylvania.

Another image of the front of my father's home taken in the fall. You can see how beautiful the surrounding forest becomes that time of year when the leaves change color.



This view is of my father's living room facing the fireplace.




This images faces the sofa, which is to the left in the previous photograph. The large still-life painting behind it was painted by my great-grandfather. There are a number of pretty accomplished painters in my family background stretching all the way back to Denmark. The family Bible can be seen on the coffee table.

This photo is opposite the one that shows the living room fireplace shown above, facing the living room entrance and the front door entryway hallway. The far wall piece and mirror come from Bogotá, and the brass framed door-knocker to the left of it is from Argentina.



This photo shows the gas log fireplace, which is nice because it can be lit by remote control, and a side window. The large copper plate above the fireplace was bought in Bogotá at the same time as the one above my fireplace which my parents gave to me.


This is my dear mother's beloved piano that went with us to every country we lived in. It's kept in the basement, and my father had it tuned every year even though she was no longer there to play it. He did this out of his love for her.


When I arrive for a visit, the first thing I do is place my computer on this dining room table in the basement, open the leaves to make the table larger so that I have more workspace, and connect to the network. The table that shows on the right is not there anymore. The windows that you see here are the ones shown outside in the following photo.


This is a shot of the patio connected to the walk-out basement and to a door giving me access to the side of the house, which is where I always sit.



....And this is me taken at that side patio door on May 2, 2009.




My favorite portrait of my beautiful mother, done in colored chalk & pencil by a female French artist in Rio circa 1962.


When my father was 18, he saw a soap add in a magazine and he decided to draw it because he thought, "That's the kind of girl I'd like to marry someday". About 4 years later, he met my mother. So now he has both of these images together on his wall. I think it's a wonderful story.