This booklet from MENE GRANDE OIL CO. was graciously contributed by Kevin Murphy (San Tomé 1957-59, Maracaibo 1959-61, Lagunillas 1961-68). About it Kevin relates:

My parents received this when we went to Venezuela in September '57, so I assume this booklet was published in the mid-1950s. You'll see there are a few small notes/changes in it that were marked by the company or noted by my parents, so that's why I'm guessing it wasn't published exactly in 1957, but perhaps a year or so before. My Mother's comment about the book was that it wasn't a complete description of what we were going to encounter - as she was greeted with some unexpected surprises when we got there, I guess. I was only 3 years old at the time, so everything was fine by me.

Thank you from all of us, Kevin, for your efforts in scanning this publication, for allowing this little gem to be shared with all of us, and for allowing for its digital preservation.

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