This leather-bound booklet about Maracaibo, contributed by Doug Becker, was published in 1936 by the Pan American Union. The Pan American Union is the former name for the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS). Founded in 1889, the name Pan American Union was adopted in 1910. Created to promote international cooperation, it offered technical and informational services to all the American republics, served as the repository for international documents, and was responsible through subsidiary councils for the furtherance of economic, social, juridical, and cultural relations. In 1948 it was made the General Secretariat for the OAS, although the name was not dropped until 1970.

The book starts with a short history of Maracaibo, then proceeds to describe Maracaibo in interesting detail from the perspective of the year 1936. Photos from that era are also included. It's interesting to read how life was in Maracaibo in those years.

This book has been preserved in like-new condition by the Becker family, and was sent to me by Doug Becker for scanning so that it could be included here. I'm grateful to Doug for allowing all of us to share it here.