Pedro José López, who was born in Valéncia in 1964, attended the Liceo Rómulo Gallegos, and is currently enrolled at the Universidad del Zulia with a major in Social Work. He's also employed at the university in the Instituto de Investigaciones de la Facultad de Arquitectura de La Universidad del Zulia (IFAD-LUZ) since 2003. He's currently working on his Social Work thesis and is involved in the collection of antique photographs of the city of Maracaibo to be used to analyze urban development involving the oil camps between the years of 1920-2005 - which led him to this website.

His 1st project between the years 1994-1997 was the “Pre-Inventory of the Cultural Patrimony of the State of Zulia” (which involved the preliminary inventory of the historical sites that still exist today in order to determine what may be worthy of preservation). He has also collaborated in the 1998-2001 “Inventory of the Cultural Patrimony of the State of Zulia”, (the follow-up inventory), the 2000 “Puente Sobre el Lago de Maracaibo Gral. Rafael Urdaneta File for the Declaration as (a) National Patrimony” (basically making the bridge a Historical Site), and other programs involving the Laguna Sinamaica (2001), and the "Project of the Petroleum Engineering School of the Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo Venezuela" designed by Carlos Raúl Villanueva in 1956 (2003).

His work at the university is of great interest to this website because of his work for the preservation of so much of the historical architecture of the city of Maracaibo (much of it as how we remember it), his access to architectural information & photos that don't exist anywhere else, & his strong dedication to the preservation of historical buildings throughout the city of Maracaibo.


Avenida 5 de Julio / SEARS, 1959, unknown photographer - Collection of Profa. Jacqueline Alcalá.
Avenida 5 de Julio at the intersection of Avenida Bella Vista, 1959, unknown photographer - Collection of Profa. Jacqueline Alcalá.
Cerveceria Regional, date unknown - I knew Mr. Fred Gerhardt who managed this brewery in the '60's, and our class took a tour of this building. Collection of Profa. Jacqueline Alcalá.

Edifício 5 de Julio on Avenida 5 de Julio, date unknown.  


Edifício Zúlia Motors on Avenida Bella Vista, late 1950's judging from the autos. Original source of this photo from




Petrolera” - Beautiful example of an oil-company- designed house on Avenida 3D, taken by Pedro López in March 2005 . High ceilings & the vents visible above the windows maximize air cooling, as does the reflective metal roof. According to Pedro, this home still exists in a wonderfully preserved state thanks to the efforts of preservation groups (such as FUNDAPATRIMÓNIO) in Maracaibo today, and is one of the few remaining examples built by the oil companies at the beginning of the 20th Century in Maracaibo.
Christ Church - date unknown - Collection of Profa. Marina González de Kauffman.
Christ Church - date unknown, but taken sometime in the 1930's judging from the autos - - Collection of Profa. Marina González de Kauffman.
Creole Camp & Club taken in 1972 by Prof. Alejandro Paredes.
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Campo Delicias, 1950 - - Collection of Profa. Jacqueline Alcalá.
Grano de Oro airport. Note the interesting earlier Aeropostal script logo on the DC-3 in the foreground. Date of the photo is unknown.

Today, nothing remains of this camp as it was slowly demolished over the years & subsequently over-built with newer buildings & structures. The only original buildings left standing are a (very) few houses, the hospital, the Presbyterian Church, and Edifício Las Laras, which was restored in 1994.

This photo was obtained by Pedro López from the a website located here. Being as this site is located in Holland, the people in the photo are likely Dutch. It is in this location that the Experimental Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zulia is now located. Pedro reports that upon the old runways, a vehicle & pedestrian walkway called “Paseo Urdaneta”is being constructed.
Spectacular aerial view of the El Saladillo area of Maracaibo looking towards the Puente General Rafael Urdaneta bridge in the distant background. Date of the photo is 1962 taken by the Ministério de Obras Públicas - Pedro López Collection.
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