Venezuela, 39 Years Later

Flying Away

Flying Away

We're flying over Maracaibo now and I'm leaving. Flying over that 10 km bridge. Just noticed something: NO swimming pools in the back yards here. No matter how hot it is, people just don't have that kind of money.

Right before I got on the plane, I was lucky enough to find a really good-looking painting by a local artist, just a street scene. I'm really quite happy that I have it. So goodbye to Venezuela. Wonder when I'll come back? These airlines don't give assigned seats. Makes things easier. There is no in-flight magazine for Servivensa/Avensa, just a brochure on the duty free articles. There is no weather report (isn't that strange?) in the newspaper I'm am reading, the “Carabobeño”, but it does have a Web site: How do you like that?

When I got to Caracas, I saw a picture book of Venezuela for sale! I asked the lady how long she had had it. I had been searching all over the world for one, Paris, New York, San Francisco for years. She had only just received it for the first time a few days before! Well, I bought it with the last few U.S. dollars I had.

I took a last picture of Maiquetia and got on the KLM flight back to Amsterdam and on to Paris. It was 12°C when I arrived. In Maracaibo, the cab driver told me that the day before, the thermometer had gotten up to 41°C and that is 107°F. Another world. Quelle épopée!

The End