Bob Wygant was commissioned in 1953 by CREOLE to travel about Venezuela and paint images of particular interest representing the variety of Venezuela. In 1955 the CREOLE Department of Public Relations prepared portfolios of 12 reproductions of the artist's work and distributed it to its employees for Christmas of 1955. Larry Dent in the Caracas offices provided the technical direction for the project.

The detail of the images is excellent, with the prints looking like photographs. More on the artist is given below. We appreciate Steve's generously sharing these images with us here.

Campo de Caripito, Estado Monagas
Calle de Timotes, Estado Mérida
Iglesia de Santa Ana, Estado Falcón
Paisaje Andino

(NOTE: The additional B. Wygant images below were photographed and provided to Steve by Houston Floyd. Thank you, Houston, for allowing us to share them here!)
“Primera Refineria de Venezuela, 'La Alquitrana', Rúbio, Estado Táchira”
“Arreando Ganado”
“Carretera de Palmarejo, Estado Zúlia”
“Cordillera Andina”
“Playa de Porlamar”
“Desembocadura del Rio Carrao en el Caroní (Canaima), Estado Bolivar”
“Pozo Alturitas # 2, Perijá,  Estado Zúlia”

“Randales del Caroní” (courtesy of Houston Floyd thru Steve Sleightholm)

Bob Wygant holds a special place in Texas and the Western heritage he has painted throughout his career. A quiet man of immense talent, his paintings come from his heart as much as from his brush. Breathtaking in his detailed and realistic approach, his images make time stand still...creating memories that offer the viewer a glimpse into a rich past that is relived through the artist's paintings. Wygant has said, "I am interested in establishing a mood in my paintings and not a meaning. It is the viewer who brings the meaning to the work." From the romantic cowboys to the rocky landscape and picturesque rivers to the pleasures of rural life, his paintings have brought the American West to life to be enjoyed and treasured for generations.

After majoring in art at the University of Texas in Austin, he returned home to Houston to establish his career. Wygant's first success was in commissions by some of the major oil companies in Texas. For several years, the artist worked quietly at home painting for his many clients. His images are in hundreds of homes throughout Texas and are treasured by every owner.

Wygant's growing reputation resulted in being offered a teaching position at the University of Houston, where he inspired multitudes of students for 16 years. The artist also worked with the internationally famous Houston Livestock Show in judging students' art and awarding scholarships... a way to give something back to the community.

Bob Wygant's magical use of acrylics earned him a reputation as a master of this medium. His paintings are vibrant, colorful scenes that allow the viewer to participate in the mood and emotion emanating from his subjects. He has always been driven to relay his love of the Western landscape and the many memories of the quiet, rural life through his paint brush.

Today, the artist and his wife, Alla, reside north of Houston and enjoy a relaxed, rural life among the simple pleasures that he has always loved to paint. Wygant, the man, and his outstanding talent are held in high esteem by the Western art world, which he has so greatly influenced in his own, quiet way.