Using tennis rackets to swat butterflies brings other applications of the racket to mind. We used to have bats in the attic of one of our houses in Tia Juana and in the evening the things would drop out of a slit near the front steps on their way to hunt. One time we had a bat in the house and Mom said that was it. I think it appeared in my sister's room. Anyway, I got the tennis racket and stood on the railing and swatted each bat as it dropped out. The end of the bats.

Then my brother and I and a few of our friends used to take rides in back in the monte behind the camp in the evenings -- just passing time and there used to be a fly catcher bird that we called a one-eyed-bat that sat on the edge of the road and you could catch its eye in the headlights of the jeep as you approached it. The bird would fly up just as you got on top of it and lo and behold another form of entertainment was developed where first we tried to hit the things by sticking our legs out of the side of the jeep as be bore down on the bird and tried to hit it with our shoes as it lifted off, but that was too difficult and there was some risk to leg damage and that brings us back to the tennis racket which we used with great success.