Speaking of "cock fights".....

Back to Tia Juana and this time to Campo Rojo. Remember we think of Tia Juana as where the Americans lived and then later native V's who had higher level jobs such as teacher, doctor, etc. -- that was Campo Verde. Campo Rojo was right across the road (Carretera Nacional) and that brings back several memories not involving killing of animals for the sensitive readers. Campo Rojo was for the native workers. If you rode into the camp you found a scene resembling our current view of Tijuana, Mexico. The camp consisted of single-story homes. Instead of beds in the bed-rooms there were hooks in the walls to accommodate hammocks and several people could be stacked into a room. There yards were barren of grass in most cases and full of potted plants and then broken down cars. Multiple families lived in the home of anyone with a job with Creole. The Creole employee supported all those living in the house. I knew families with 14 kids who slept and ate in shifts.

Anyway, in spite (I use the word a lot) of the poverty by our standards, the people were happy, clean and really enjoyed life. And Saturday nights they cut loose. Campo Rojo for those who do not know had a club though not as fancy as ours, but what they had what Campo Verde did not have was - "music". For years I used to lie awake listening to the Latino music going into the wee hours of the night. The music is embedded in my memory but I can't hum a tune if I tried.

Well, that brings me to the original subject "cock fights". I used to go over to Campo Rojo with friends and we would go to the cock fights. We drank Cuba Libres and some smoked and we watched the bloody fights. The feathers flew and the cocks struck and the chicken blood flew. It was a great time. Campo Rojo did not have a swimming pool but they something more -- spirit and a love of life.